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A journey of spreading love across the globe begins in Chicago. Let us set in motion the undeniable essence of the human spirit in its quest for the ultimate sensory experience of love. The need for love and acceptance are woven into our DNA, and are fundamental to our survival. We live in a precarious world, full of tragedy, injustice and indifference. Love is the innate cure for our malady, and is a central theme in religion, art and music. Everyone’s life experience of love might be different, but the visceral feeling is the same. Love is our most primal emotion.

Lailaw’s art, is purely about LOVE -  her work asks that our hearts beat together as one.  Support this mission by simply believing in love.


America SCORES Chicago

Changing Worlds

Chicago IRL

Chicago Public Schools

City of Evanston

Design Cloud

Fulton Market Kitchen

Illinois Arts Council


Pasfarda Arts & Culture Exchange

Salmon Cove

  • She was a delight to work with and it was exciting to watch her work live.   -Tony DeLeo, curator at Design Cloud Creative Parlor.

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